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Why You Need A Crowdfunding Video

A good crowdfunding video does the heavy lifting and convinces your crowd to back you.

Make a video that makes crowdfunding easier

The ONE THING Your Crowdfunding Video Needs… That You Probably Forgot

Many crowdfunders make the mistake of making the wrong Call To Action.

Discover what you need to be asking for

Should You Be In Your Crowdfunding Video?

By featuring in your own crowdfunding video, you are showing your passion and dedication.

Find out why being in your crowdfunding video is important

Using YouTube For Crowdfunding

Video content (not just your crowdfunding video) is a great way to communicate with your backers. Find out how YouTube makes it easy.

Maximise the tools available

5 Simple Tips For Your Crowdfunding Video

Some easy to implement and simple tips for making your crowdfunding video, plus a free storyboarding template!

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3 Videos To Watch Before You Make Your Own

Find out what has worked for others and gain inspiration for your own crowdfunding video.

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