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Raised: $104,653 of a $100,000 goal

On: Kickstarter


In May 2015, Kat began consulting with Sarah and Otis Frizzell – the owners and operators of Auckland’s favourite food truck, The Lucky Taco.

Having already developed a supermarket line of hot sauces and chilli salt, they wanted to go to the crowd with a proposition to bring real, authentic, fresh tacos to supermarket aisles.

Kat worked with The Lucky Taco team to dream up a crowdfunding strategy that would ultimately put The Lucky Taco on the lips of every foodie in the country. They worked to create a fresh, authentic video; crazy rewards that would take advantage of their hard-core fans; and a promotion strategy that would see the campaign promoted in malls, in airports, and even on one of the busiest corners of Auckland on a gigantic digital billboard.

The Kickstarter campaign was a smash hit, raising $104,653 from 809 backers. In December 2015, Sarah and Otis pulled off a feat few Kickstarter creators ever do – delivering 100% of their rewards on time.

Lucky Taco taco kits are now available in Nosh Supermarkets, with expansion into Wellington and beyond expected in 2016.

“We had a very clear vision of what we wanted to achieve with KICKSTARTER – but enrolling Kat from Multitude helped enormously with the logistics and structuring platforms at the back end. She also gave us tips and encouragement along the way, like your very own personal crowdfunding cheerleader. She prepared us. There were no huge surprises. We just knew we had to work our asses off and keep pushing. If you want to embark on a crowdfunding campaign – talk to a crowdfunding expert first” Sarah Frizzell

Taco Queen, The Lucky Taco

Raised: $29,570 of a $25,000 goal

On: Kickstarter

In May 2014, mutual friends put reporter David Farrier in touch with Kat. He had stumbled across a bizarre story involving homophobia, multiple personalities, and competitive tickling. He wondered if Kickstarter might be an avenue to raise the funds he needed to turn this story into a documentary.

Kat worked with David in a consultative capacity, providing an initial one-on-one session, followed by feedback on the Kickstarter page and support during the campaign itself.

During the campaign, David gained several high-profile backers, including Stephen Fry, who came on as an Executive Producer of the film. That year, the team also gathered a couple of creative grants and awards (including a $10,000 early development grant from the NZ Film Commission, and taking out Best Pitch at the 2014 Doc Edge Film Festival) on the back of the campaign’s success.

Together with the $29,570 they raised from 675 Kickstarter backers, it allowed them to make the film.

In January 2016, the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival where it received dozens of great reviews. The film has been picked up for distribution by HBO and Magnolia Pictures.

“We had VERY little idea how to structure a project – rewards, video, blurb, Kickstarter patterns. Kat answered everything, and was solid with knowledge the whole way. I could not recommend her more highly.” David Farrier

Director, Tickled

Raised: $17,695 of a $17,000 goal

On: PledgeMe

When Kat and Dené Steyn of Sipreme sat down for their crowdfunding workshop, her food replacement drink Sipreme was at Version 27 and almost ready for production. Alongside her partner Bri, they had invested “everything” into bringing her dream business to life.

Dené knew she had a good product, but she wanted to launch it successfully to a crowd she didn’t have yet, and cover production costs for the first commercial batch.

Kat and Dené came up with a comprehensive pre-launch strategy which included public tastings and targeting ideal backer groups through MeetUps and personal connections. During the campaign, they received national news coverage, and convinced Kiwi science influencer, Michelle Dickinson to live on Sipreme for 3 days (scoring them a feature in a national paper in the process).

The campaign went on to raise $17,695 of a $17,000 goal from 109 backers. Since then, Sipreme have fulfilled their crowdfunding rewards (and got backer feedback for product improvement, bringing their version count up to 47) and the business has experienced continuing growth via website sales.

In 2016, Sipreme was announced as one of the candidates selected for the Lightning Lab XX Accelerator Program, and are beginning to look into wider markets for their product.

“Kat is a magical unicorn. I was mega stressed about the dangers of failing at crowd funding, and when I found her website, I was convinced that I needed her expert advice. I got on a plane from Auckland to Wellington to go and visit her and discuss. When we got to her house, I laid bare all my worries and sorrows, and she patted me and said “it will all be alright”. With a flurry of papers and coloured pens, she bestowed her awesome experience and knowledge on me about the exact formula that guarantees success. She walked me through my business and the goals I had to reach over the preparation period, and lifted the mists of uncertainty from the whole process. She knows her stuff. It makes you slightly fall in love with her, and want to hug her like mother Theresa. For sure, I would have failed if I didn’t get her priceless advice. In Kat we trust.”

Dené Steyn

Founder, Sipreme

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