Crowdfunding Strategy Workshop

Your quick-start to a mesmerizing campaign

You’re pretty sure crowdfunding is right for your business. But now you’ve started doing some research you’re beginning to realise it’s not as easy as you originally thought.

What you need is an expert. Someone who knows crowdfunding inside-out and can apply research-backed techniques and proven formulas to create a personalised cheat sheet just for you.

Your own spellbinding campaign bound to triumph, without the hours of research.

You could do it yourself, but the more you look at it, the more excruciating it looks. You want a step-by-step plan that will get results. Something you can follow to produce a sensational campaign.

What does it cover?

Your goals

Who are you? What are you trying to achieve? How does crowdfunding fit into that?

Example projects

We’ll look at some similar projects who have done it before you. What worked for them? What can you do better?

Your crowd

Do you have the numbers to achieve your goals? If not, how can you build them ahead of your launch?

Ideal backers

Who are the people you need to reach with this campaign? Who are your ideal customers?


What message will best resonate with your crowd and ideal backers? How do you weave that into your campaign?


PR and Promotion

How will you get your message in front of the people who need to hear it?


Where are the most effective places to spend your budget on this campaign?


Plan your rewards for the best chances of success. Create rewards your crowd wants, at prices they will pay!

What do you get?

Coaching call with Kat

Sit down with Kat for a 3-hour workshop. This can be in-person (location dependent), or via Skype.

Get your whole team involved to bring the most ideas to the table – no idea is stupid, and the secret to achieving success lies in bringing your sparkle to the table.

This workshop will form the basis of your campaign strategy and ensure your campaign is truly unique.

Crowdfunding Review Report

A detailed and comprehensive plan to take you from zero to funded.

The report will provide you with week-by-week actions for your planning period, and a day-by-day breakdown for your campaign.

It will also focus on promotion strategies, and give you a draft structure for your rewards.

Who is this for?

A campaign review is right for you if you:


  • Want to launch or expand a business or creative project
  • Are planning a rewards crowdfunding campaign on a site such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or PledgeMe
  • Are time-poor – you (or your team) can execute the plan, but you don’t have time to research how crowdfunding works, or want to come up with the plan yourself
  • Want to make sure you succeed the first time.

How does it work?



Book a Strategy Workshop via our online booking form.



Choose the time and date for your workshop.



Fill in your details and provide some information on your campaign.



Check out and pay via Paypal.


Follow the plan, and launch with confidence!



If you have any questions, you can book one complementary Skype appointment with Kat at anytime throughout your planning or campaign periods.



A week after your workshop, you will be emailed a report, and a link to book a follow up call if required.



The 3 hour workshop will take place via Skype (or in person by arrangement, location dependent).

“We had a very clear vision of that we wanted to achieve with KICKSTARTER – but enrolling Kat from Multitude helped enormously with the logistics and structuring platforms at the back end. She also gave us tips and encouragement along the way, like your very own personal crowdfunding cheerleader. She prepared us. There were no huge surprises. We just knew we had to work our asses off and keep pushing. If you want to embark on a crowdfunding campaign – talk to a crowdfunding expert first”

Sarah Frizzell

The Lucky Taco

The results are unbelieveable. 88% of Multitude projects succeed – that’s over TWICE the Kickstarter average! A crowdfunding strategy is the closest thing you can get to a painless campaign.

Avoid the painful experience of failure and make sure you’re getting it right from the start.

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