Multitude Campaign Review

Avoid rookie mistakes with our powerful conversion tricks

You’re about to do extraordinary things. You’ve spent weeks planning your project. You’ve created a dazzling crowdfunding video. You’ve got awesome rewards.

You’re mere days away from hitting the ‘launch’ button and releasing your baby to the world.

But what if you are unknowingly making senseless mistakes? What if your campaign isn’t set up to convert?

You could spend hours painstakingly promoting your project to the world with no results. Getting people to your page is half the battle – getting them to actually back you once they’re there is the other half.

A Multitude Campaign Review looks at proven research-driven factors to turbocharge your campaign.

It aims to give you easy tweaks that you can make before you launch to transform your page and increase your sales immediately.

What does it cover?


Who are your backers, and will your message resonate?


Will a viewer watch to the end? Are you communicating the main points?



Can someone find the details they’re after? Are you answering the major objections?


Are you making the most of your reward levels? Will they cost you more than they need to?

What do you get?

Crowdfunding Review Report

You get a detailed report that looks at 52 surprising factors to massively increase your chances of success. These easy tweaks will transform your campaign into a conversion machine!

Coaching call with Kat

A 30 minute Skype call with Kat to discuss the results of your review. You’ll get the answers to all your questions, and talk about how the suggestions will transform your campaign.

You’ll also get a quick check on your promotion strategy to really ignite your campaign.

Who is this for?

A campaign review is right for you if you:

  • Are running a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or PledgeMe
  • Are taking this seriously – you’ve done research and put time and effort into your campaign
  • Have completed your video, rewards list, and description, and have put it into your platform
  • Have NOT launched yet – many of the factors we look at can’t be changed once you’ve gone live
  • Want to make sure you succeed the first time.

How does it work?



Book a campaign review via our online booking form.



Choose the time and date for your Skype call.



Fill in your details and provide the preview link for your campaign.



Check out and pay via Paypal.


Make the tweaks to your campaign prior to launch!



Your call will answer any questions and optimise your promotion strategy.



A copy of the report will be emailed to you prior to your call.



Kat will review your campaign.

“The Campaign Review is an absolute must for any serious crowdfunder. Having an expert second opinion on my campaign was worth so much, and this was one incredibly expert review. The report was thorough and left me feeling very confident that every aspect of my campaign had been checked. It laid everything out very clearly, showing where the campaign page was strong and where it needed improvement. It went into specific detail, which made it clear what to do to improve. I had read through a lot of Kat’s online material, but being able to talk about how it applied to my particular campaign made a huge difference. I cannot understate the impact Kat’s Campaign Review had on my campaign.”

Adam Millen

Jack Feels Big

The results are unbelieveable. 88% of Multitude projects succeed – that’s over TWICE the Kickstarter average! These simple tricks will ignite your campaign and avoid heartbreaking failure.

After all the work you’ve done so far, protect your investment by booking a campaign review now.

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