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Iron-clad techniques to transform your campaign

Multitude offers a range of services at prices to suit everyone.

This page will provide you with an overview of what we do, and how our expertise can turbo-charge your campaign and take it to the next level, without breaking the budget.

To find out more about a service, visit the service page.

Crowdfunding advice

Sit down for a personal one-on-one Skype session with Kat Jenkins, founder of Multitude.

She’ll listen to what you want to do, and give you the best options going forward. Many projects looking for up to $10,000 gain enough advice in half an hour to fund successfully the first time!

If you’re raising more than $10,000, this is an ideal way to find out more about Kat and whether you’d like to take up further services.

This is by far our most popular service, and will clarify the things you need to think about, provide recommendations and examples, and answer all your questions.

You don't know what you don't know

Identify the missing pieces of the puzzle you haven’t even thought of yet.

Which platform is best for you?

Rewards or equity? Kickstarter or PledgeMe?

What’s best for YOU?

Goals, rewards, and budget

Balance the budget in a way that optimises effort and minimises cost.

Get the word out, and convert!

Learn the promotion and conversion tricks that will make your project POP!

Crowdfunding Campaign Review

If you’re ready to launch, a campaign review is the final cherry on top of all the preparation, sweat and tears you’ve put in so far.

It covers more than 50 research-backed points proven to increase backer conversion and optimise your promotion efforts.

You’ll get a report summarising your campaign’s strengths and improvements you can make to increase your chances of success, plus a 30 minute Skype call to answer your questions and give you in-depth reasoning.

This is suitable for raises of all levels – it’s your guarantee that your campaign page is good, and optimised for conversion.


Who are your backers, and will your message resonate?


Will a viewer watch to the end? Are you communicating the main points?



Can someone find the details they’re after? Are you answering the major objections?


Are you making the most of your reward levels? Will they cost you more than they need to?

Strategy workshops

Strategy workshops are the blueprint for your campaign.

You’ll sit down with Kat for 3 hours to talk in-depth about what you want to do, and come up with actionable steps to get there.

At the end of the process, you’ll know who you’re talking to, what your message is, and have your planning and campaign strategy written out for you, step-by-step, week-by-week.

This service is best suited to campaigns raising more than $20,000.

Your goals

Who are you? What are you trying to achieve? How does crowdfunding fit into that?

Example projects

We’ll look at some similar projects who have done it before you. What worked for them? What can you do better?

Your crowd

Do you have the numbers to achieve your goals? If not, how can you build them ahead of your launch?

Ideal backers

Who are the people you need to reach with this campaign? Who are your ideal customers?


What message will best resonate with your crowd and ideal backers? How do you weave that into your campaign?


PR and Promotion

How will you get your message in front of the people who need to hear it?


Where are the most effective places to spend your budget on this campaign?


Plan your rewards for the best chances of success. Create rewards your crowd wants, at prices they will pay!

Crowdfunding Challenge

Twice a year, we run an in-depth 12-week crowdfunding program aimed to take entrepreneurs like you from zero to funded.

The program includes a mix of strategy workshops, campaign reviews, and regular webinars to ensure you have all the relevant information as you need it – your own personal coach and private trainer!

We’ve just finished the first round for 2016, but all the videos and resources are still available by clicking the button below.

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