What works? What doesn't?

Why You Need A Promotion Strategy

A well-planned crowdfunding promotion strategy can blow your campaign into the stratosphere.

Discover what a strategy is, and how it works

Making The Most Of Your Crowdfunding PR Spend

If you’re spending money on your PR as part of your crowdfunding promotion strategy, what actually works?

Find out before you spend

Writing And Sending A Press Release

Some simple rules will make your crowdfunding promotion efforts easy!

Find out how and download the templates

Promote Your Campaign Without Feeling Sleazy

It’s easy to feel like you’re begging when you’re promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

Get some easy strategies to wash the sleaze off

Finding Backers - 3 Things That Won't Work

Some crowdfunding promotion ideas work better than others. Here’s what you shouldn’t rely on.

Where WON'T your backers come from?

Using Krowdster For Promotion

An upgraded Krowdster account can help dramatically with crowdfunding promotion.

Discover how big data can help

5 Promotion Ideas That Don't Suck

Sick of the same 5 suggestions at every other crowdfunding advice blog?

Get some crowdfunding promotion ideas from The Honest Food Company

Toolkit: Using MailChimp

MailChimp allows you to connect to your most important backers and is one of the best tools you can use for crowdfunding promotion.

Find out why email is so effective

Forever Fans: 6 Steps To Crowdfunding Success

Developing Forever Fans in your first project can lead to massive benefits for future crowdfunding promotion efforts.

Will your fans love you forever?

Are Crowdfunding Promotion Services Worth It?

If you’ve recently launched, you may be hiding from a mountain of spam from crowdfunding promotion companies.

Are any of them worth opening?

Using Sniply for Social Media Promotion

Sniply allows you to mix your promotional ideas up a little bit.

Learn how to give your campaign an edge

Using Landing Pages For Success

Discover how to increase your mailing list and fund on DAY ONE!

Learn more about landing pages

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