Here is what I’m up to now:

  • I’ve just moved to Wellington, and I am a fulltime petsitter, looking after people’s furry friends in theĀ area.
  • Working with my amazing illustrator Giselle Clarkson on some really important illustrations that will make understanding crowdfunding super-easy.
  • Building a Bootcamp for entrepreneurs who want more support and more accountability than an “at-your-own-pace” course to run twice in 2016. Starting to think about the ‘hows’.
  • Licensing a bunch of my content to niche courses and crowdfunding platforms that need content on how to crowdfund.
  • Teaching people how to do what I do – with the goal of having 50 independent crowdfunding coaches throughout New Zealand by the end of 2016.
  • Continuing to love and treasure those who mean the most to me.
  • I’m dating a lot, and I’m writing a book about it.
  • Slowly drinking the most wonderful bottle of whisky and sharing it’s wonderful story with a bunch of wonderful people.
  • Reading The Great Gatsby because the boy I’ve seen a lot of recently is reading Sense and Sensibility after I said I liked Jane Austen and I figured I should probably read a book he liked…
  • Building and strengthening business relationships in the crowdfunding and entrepreneurship communities.

The “Now Page” is a movement started by Derek Sivers (you’ll spot his excellent TED Talk on How To Start A Movement all over this site). It’s a way to publically declare what I’m working on now. Right now, at this point in time.

To find out more about about Now Pages, check out his post on them here.

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