The Crowdfunding Roadmap

There are 9 Key Principles in running your crowdfunding project.

Each post on this website is aligned to a Key Principle. The Crowdfunding Roadmap shows you how it all fits together.

Crowdfunding 101

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Questions, Answered

5 Signs You’re Not Ready to Crowdfund

8 Ways to Succeed in Equity Crowdfunding

What to Expect When You’re Crowdfunding

Case Study: Phantasmal: What I Learned While Planning My Game Project

What You Won’t Understand Before Launching

Case Study: Loving In Limbo: My Kickstarter Experience – The Emotional Toll of Crowdfunding

Where Do Crowds Come From?

10 Reasons Your Crowdfunding Project Failed

Understanding Crowdfunding Obligations and Responsibilities

Activity: Are You Ready To Crowdfund? (Worksheet and Checklist)




Activity: Create A Crowd By Knowing Your Ideal Backer

Find Your First Backers First

Forever Fans: Six Steps To Crowdfunding Success

Build Your Crowd by Acting Like A Drunken Teenager

Case study: How Yeastie Boys Raised Half A Million In Half An Hour

Toolkit: Mailchimp For Crowdbuilding

Tutorial: Creating A Nurture Sequence

Why Your Campaign Needs A Communication Strategy

How Landing Pages Lead To Crowdfunding Success


Big Decisions

Tips For Choosing Your Crowdfunding Platform

3 Reasons To Choose Fixed Funding

3 Essential Tips For Setting The Right Funding Goal

Crowdfunders Beware Chinese New Year!



Crowdfunding Research: 4 Things To Consider

Activity: Be A Backer First

Why Use Crowdfunding Examples

Toolkit: Using Krowdster For Research

Case Study: 10 Crowdfunding Post-Mortems You Should Read

What Makes A Good Crowdfunding Example?

Toolkit: Using Kicktraq For Research

Worksheet: Using Crowdfunding Examples: A Cheap Lesson



Crowdfunding Rewards: 7 Essential Tips

Why Digital Rewards Are King

Resource: Epic List of Digital Distribution Platforms For Your Crowdfunding Fulfillment

No-one Needs Your Stupid T-Shirt

Worksheet: Crowdfunding Reward Ideas For Your Film

Insider’s Guide To Earlybirds (with case study)

Case Study: Stretch Goals and the Story of Exploding Kittens


Your Video

The Purpose Of A Crowdfunding Video

Resource: Making Your Crowdfunding Video Sizzle (ebook)

Case Study: 3 Crowdfunding Videos You Should Watch Before Making Your Own

Should You Be in Your Crowdfunding Video?

The ONE THING Your Crowdfunding Video Needs… That You Probably Forgot


Communication and Copy

10 Golden Rules For Your Crowdfunding Copy

Updates Are Important

Case Study: Marketing 101 – Writing Updates Backers Will Love

The Curse of Knowledge

Getting Organic Traffic



Finding Backers: 3 Things That WON’T Work

Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign Without Feeling Sleazy

Why Your Campaign Needs A Communication Strategy

Case Study: 5 Crowdfunding Promotion Ideas That Don’t Suck

Toolkit: Sniply For Crowdfunding Promotion

Toolkit: Krowdster For Crowdfunding Promotion

Toolkit: Using Mailchimp for Crowdbuilding 

Tutorial: How To Send A Crowdfunding Promotion Email That Works (includes templates)

Tutorial: How To Write And Send A Press Release (includes templates)

Tutorial: Making Crowdfunding Promotion Easy: How to Build A Press Kit

Crowdfunding Promotion Services: Are They Worth It?

Making The Most Of Your Crowdfunding Promotion Spend

Forever Fans: Six Steps to Crowdfunding Success


Checks and Balances

What The Golden Gate Bridge Can Teach You About Crowdfunding

Predicting Crowdfunding Success: Will Your Project Fund?

Tutorial: Set Up Search Alerts For Your Campaign


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