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Promotion, pitch, communication, marketing, planning, strategy, making a video, finding a crowd, and then actually delivering on your promises…

There’s a lot to think about when planning a crowdfunding campaign. It can get overwhelming.

You don’t even know what to Google, and you read the same 10 tips on every website. You hear about the same campaigns – campaigns that aren’t even remotely related to what you’re doing.

It’s enough to make you give up!


Kat Jenkins, crowdfunding strategist

A 30 minute Skype call with Kat can answer all your questions.

Kat’s consultations undeniably work. She helps people create memorable campaigns that convert.

It’s the fastest way to supercharge your campaign and avoid crushing failure.

Save yourself time and heartbreak by getting instant questions and answers especially for your campaign, and your goals.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Kat as a first phone call when contemplating any crowdfunding activity. Her expertise is invaluable and made a world of difference to my campaign and to the eventual success.” Susan Parker

Director and Producer, Loving In Limbo

“We had VERY little idea how to structure a project – rewards, video, blurb, kickstarter patterns. Kat answered everything, and was solid with knowledge the whole way. I could not recommend her more highly.” David Farrier

Journalist and doco maker,

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Get invaluable advice to save you time and money while planning your crowdfunding campaign.
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“Kat showed me how to take my idea into a fully crowdfunded project – in fact my project was overfunded!” Tara Sutherland

Pet photographer, Pet pawtraits for all

“Kat gave super helpful advice, and used plenty of examples. It gave me confidence I was getting accurate info.” Matt Read

Poet, DISTINCTLY Coromandel

“Kat’s knowledge of the inner workings of crowd funding and her practical solutions helped me successfully fund.” Joe Chang

Developer, Phantasmal

“Kat helped me iron out the differences between the different crowdfunding platforms and explained which would be better for me and what the benefits and limitations of each one were. She advised me on the most effective campaign strategies, and which campaigns generally receive the best feedback not only here in the Antipodes- but globally! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kat for your crowdfunding enquiries I found her a genuine, knowledgeable, extremely prompt, professional and generous person to work with. Thank you so much Kat!” Cyndi Darnell

Sexuality Educator and Facilitator,

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Get invaluable advice to save you time and money while planning your crowdfunding campaign.
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