Crowdfunding 101

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Your Top 10 Crowdfunding Questions, Answered

More often than not, I get asked the same questions about crowdfunding.

Get the answers to the top 10 questions

What To Expect When You’re Crowdfunding

Knowing what’s coming helps you understand what you need to prepare for.

What do you need to know?

Are You Ready To Crowdfund?

Some simple questions can show you how much you still have to prepare before you’re ready.

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10 Reasons Your Crowdfunding Project Failed

Why do crowdfunding campaigns fail? The top 10 reasons

This might not be your first attempt at crowdfunding.

Do any of these reasons for failure sound familiar?

8 Ways To Succeed In Equity Crowdfunding

New Zealand is a world leader in equity crowdfunding. After a year of doing it, I asked the experts what works.

Learn from their experience

Understanding Your Crowdfunding Responsibilities

Know your legal obligations when running a crowdfunding campaign.

What's expected?

What You Won’t Understand Before Launching

You’re gonna feel stuff.

Learn more about the emotions involved in crowdfunding

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