You need a crowd to crowdfund



Read on to discover how to build one!

Create A Crowd By Knowing Your Ideal Backer

Who is the person giving you the money? Why do they care about supporting your project?

Find out who your ideal backer is

Find Your First Backers First

Start preparing and pulling together your crowd now!

Discover how to get started

Why Your Campaign Needs A Communications Strategy

A communications strategy is the master plan for building your crowd.

Discover why YOUR campaign needs one

Build Your Crowd By Acting Like A Drunken Teenager

The faster your crowd react, the better your chances.

Get them ready for Day 1

Crowdfunding Toolkit: Using MailChimp For Crowdbuilding

MailChimp is a great tool for building your crowdfunding strategy.

Learn how Mailchimp helps you gather and talk to your crowd

Finding Forever Fans

“Forever Fans” are the secret behind many crowdfunding successes.

Build a crowd that loves you

How Landing Pages Lead To Crowdfunding Success

Discover how to increase your mailing list and fund on DAY ONE!

Learn more about landing pages

Building A Nurture Sequence

A nurture sequence welcomes new fans and backers.

Learn how to build your crowd

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