Big Decisions

Where? How much? When?

3 Reasons To Choose Fixed Funding

Fixed funding (or “All-Or-Nothing”) campaigns are significantly more likely to reach their goals.

Discover why fear shouldn't stop you

3 Essential Tips To Setting The Right Funding Goal

The single biggest contributing factor to a successful crowdfunding campaign is setting an achievable funding goal.

Get some invaluable tips

What the Golden Gate Bridge Can Teach You About Crowdfunding

How long should your crowdfunding campaign go for? Weirdly, the Golden Gate Bridge can tell you.

Discover how

Tips For Choosing Your Crowdfunding Platform

Indiegogo? PledgeMe? Kickstarter? Boosted? Pozible? GiveALittle? Which one to choose!?

Find out more about each of them

Things to Consider When Researching Your Campaign

Researching other projects will help when it comes to making big decisions about your own.

What are the key considerations?

Beware! Chinese New Year

If you are planning to manufacture a product in China, read this post before setting down your timelines.

How can Chinese New Year set you back months?

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